The Possibilities of Public Transport

Sitting in the railway station with my suitcase in my hands, a famous refrain from a song made popular by Simon & Garfunkel came to mind as I sat waiting on my train to take me to the airport. On this trip I had no choice but to Continue reading


The Need to Understand our Past

I read a wonderful piece today, “A Triad of Identity Issues” by Justice Patrick Robinson in which he dealt with three topical issues, Reparation, the Monarchy, and the Caribbean Court of Justice.  This article brought a quite refreshing viewpoint as it put squarely on the table three issues from the perspective of one of such international standing, and who is Jamaican.  I saw the article in my Facebook news update and after sharing this article I promptly went back to Facebook to continue with my usual browsing on a slow Sunday early afternoon.   Continue reading

Thinking Outside The Box

On June 2 I turned 51. Being that it was my birthday I left out a bit later than usual as I was not going directly into my Kingston office, but was instead heading to a meeting with a Government consultant who is working on the development of a new engineering workflow for a new government statutory body. Continue reading