Wither the Caribbean Dream?

I arrived early expecting the meeting to start on time, and given the fact that I had two other meetings scheduled for the day.  As I entered the improperly lit conference room, fifteen minutes before the scheduled start, only three other persons were present.  To pass the time I engaged in small chitchats with the buxom lady from NWA and another lady in the bright orange from an agency I cannot now recall.  The chitchat lasted until other participants started to drift into the room half an hour after later, the CARICOM Consultation on the Regional Procurement System started.Photo source - china.org.cn/ [Photo: Earl Bousquet] Continue reading


A Changing World

US - Cuba  Relations

I can remember vividly Ronald Reagan standing in front of the Berlin Wall back in 1987, daring Mikhail Gorbachev by boldly stating

“Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall”.

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The Chronicle of a Journey Man Consulting Engineer |Punta Cana

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The meeting concluded and we huddled around the table reviewing the construction drawings. I  looked around me for the first time and took a deep breathe as I thought of the prospects that awaited my weekend in the Dominican Republic. This weekend I happen to traverse to Dominica Republic to rectify a drawing that Contractor Jorge was working on completing. Continue reading