Royalton Dilemma… Picking Up the Pieces

The Daily Gleaner headlines of May 11, 2016, screamed “A Royal Mess”, and just  below another tag “Engineering company not registered”. Continue reading


Road to Increase Productivity

I set up the meeting with the client in Ocho Rios a few weeks before to coincide with my usual visit to my Kingston Office.  The meeting was scheduled to take place in Ocho Rios, and the plan was to drive over.  

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The Falling Crude

The price of oil is back on the agenda and this time the news is good for non-oil producing nations. Eighteen months ago, the price of a barrel of oil was Continue reading

The Possibilities of Public Transport

Sitting in the railway station with my suitcase in my hands, a famous refrain from a song made popular by Simon & Garfunkel came to mind as I sat waiting on my train to take me to the airport. On this trip I had no choice but to Continue reading

Heritage Preservation MEP Engineering, the Missing Link

I was invited to visit the head offices of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, specifically to carry out a pre-proposal inspection.  Having previously worked on the renovation of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity located in Kingston, I have a particular passion for historical buildings and their preservation. Hence, my answer to the request was a quick yes. Continue reading

The Need to Understand our Past

I read a wonderful piece today, “A Triad of Identity Issues” by Justice Patrick Robinson in which he dealt with three topical issues, Reparation, the Monarchy, and the Caribbean Court of Justice.  This article brought a quite refreshing viewpoint as it put squarely on the table three issues from the perspective of one of such international standing, and who is Jamaican.  I saw the article in my Facebook news update and after sharing this article I promptly went back to Facebook to continue with my usual browsing on a slow Sunday early afternoon.   Continue reading

Memoirs of an Engineering Student | Stirling Engines

The Stirling Engine was first conceived in the early 1800’s

I met our new engineering intern for the first time last week. Continue reading