A Changing World

US - Cuba  Relations

I can remember vividly Ronald Reagan standing in front of the Berlin Wall back in 1987, daring Mikhail Gorbachev by boldly stating

“Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall”.

Two years later the Berlin Wall, which stood from the end of the war in Europe came tumbling down.  The world has not been the same since then.  The resulting “peace dividends” have changed the world and the way we do business, however some institutions and policies bucked this trend of change and one of them was the relationship between Cuba and the United States.

I wasn’t born when the United States broke diplomatic relations with Cuba, but as I sat and watched the raising of the Cuban Flag at the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC it suddenly dawned on me that one of the last vestiges of the cold war is O.V.E.R.  A thought one could not have even imagine seven years ago.  I started to take note of all I have seen, the end of Apartheid, the release of Nelson Mandela from prison after 27 years, Jamaica making it to the World Cup in 1998, the growth of the internet, a, African American elected President of the United States, and Usain Bolt racing to two world records in track and field.berlinwallfalling

A changing World will bring discomfort, but also opportunities and as the World emerges from the global recession businesses will adapt to the new realities in order to survive.  Last week while in the Kingston office it suddenly dawn on me that LIMCO is also emerging from its dark days and have changed to deal with the new realities in the market place.  The South Florida office is coming into its own and very soon instead of being a firm dead in the water with engine non-functional, LIMCO will be a firm operating in a global environment.  It is not the same firm it was before the onset of the recession, but that is what change is about, dislocation and opportunities all mixed up in the same bottle.

The Jamaican electrical installation sector is also changing with the passage in the lower house of Parliament of the Electricity Act 2015.  The new Electricity Act will repeal legislations that have been on the books since 1890 and the enactment of a new legislative framework that will result in the modernisation of the sector.  The proposed changes will have far reaching impact with one such impact being the outsourcing of the electrical inspections currently being carried out by Government appointed electrical inspectors.  New classes of electrician licenses will be created with public safety being at the core.

So as the world rapidly changes, somethings for the better, some for the worse, I sat in front of my television watching the USA versus Jamaica Gold Cup Football matchup.  I never saw the first half of the match up but with Jamaica being two goals up I decided to be a wagons for a change and I watched the second half.  At the end of 93 minutes of football, I witnessed another change that I thought was impossible, Jamaica reaching the Gold Cup Finals.


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